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5 Things the DC Movie Universe Does Better Than Marvel

Published on: 21:05:2016

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The unmitigated success of Captain America: Civil War coupled with Batman v. Superman being seen as something of a disappointment has Marvel yet again standing above DC Comics in not only the box office race, but in the realm of critical and audience acceptance. Obviously, the former matters more to both studios than the latter, but the disparity between the two brands at this point is palpable. It seems that in many ways Marvel has found the key while DC continues to pound on the door.

If it isn’t The Avengers being both a box office and merchandising cash cow, then it could be Guardians of the Galaxy, any of the stand-alone Iron Man films, or the anticipation of films like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Contrast this with DC movies and for every Christopher Nolan incarnation of Batman, you’ve got a Green Lantern, a Watchmen or a Superman Returns. Many people seem to think that either Suicide Squad or Justice League will help elevate DC. And they very well might…But has any studio, with such a track record, ever had this much box office anxiety with seemingly slam dunk franchises?

Alright, this article is not meant to be a slam job on either Marvel or DC. Rather, it’s meant to celebrate what DC manages to accomplish, despite being in a constant arms race with the seemingly invincible Marvel Studios. And like most things where movies are concerned, ultimately whichever studio you think makes better films, that decision is usually predicated on taste.

You want fun and light, generally Marvel is going to be your cup of tea. If your tastes skew a bit darker, then the DCEU probably gets your vote. The reality is that these films have something for everybody. Right now, Marvel is just making the movies that seem to be resonating with moviegoers.

But are their films really better than DC’s? Are the stories that much richer? Again, these things are debatable. One thing that can’t be denied is that both companies have their strengths. And while it seems abundantly clear what Marvel’s are, DC certainly gets a lot right. In fact, they even do some things better than their biggest competitor. So…Sit back and enjoy 5 Things DC Movie Universe Does Better Than Marvel.

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