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HD New Hollywood Movie ‘The Perfect Guy (2015)

Published on Sep 12,2015

story of Some :

You’ve seen it a thousand times before. A guy falls for the wrong girl. A girl falls for the wrong guy. Before long there’s some serious stalking going on and bunnies are being boiled. Substitute a cat for the bunny (no spoilers here about its fate) and you have the ironically titled, generic thriller The Perfect Guy that somehow wound up on the big screen instead of on Lifetime.

Movie Synopsis :

Director: David M. Rosenthal
Screenwriter: Tyger Williams
Producers: Nicole Rocklin, Wendy Rhoads, Darryl Taja, Tommy Oliver
Executive producers: Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan, Glenn S. Gainor
Director of photography: Peter Simonite
Production designer: William Arnold
Editor: Joan Sobel
Costume designer: Annie Bloom
Composers: Atli Orvarsson, David Fleming
Casting: Mary Vernieu, Venus Kanani
Language : English
Running Time :1:40:59
Release Year :Sep 11,2015
Country :Usa
Production: Rocklin/Faust
Cast: Saana Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, L. Scott Caldwell, Cahrles S. Dutton, John Getz,

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