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New Action And Thriller Movie, The Wrong Floor (2016)

Published on: 09 August 2016

story of Some :

Danny’s father, a pioneering research scientist, has disappeared. Suspecting foul-play, Danny goes undercover at the research centre where he worked. He soon discovers that there is something sinister at work. It becomes a race against time to save himself, his father and the entire planet! What stands in his way? Gangsters, toxic hobos, shady agents, clown killers, badly dressed desperado chavs, a renegade swat team, street thugs, mad scientists, a news reporter out for blood, a town full of hatred and monster with a taste for dismemberment. Welcome to Haven Port City – It’s wrong on so many levels.

I’m a sucker for small budget films but “The Wrong Floor” takes it to a whole new level. I have heard that the budget for this film was only $5,000 but I have no way to know if that is true. First thing first, no matter what the actual budget was the Hamill brothers (Marc and Carl) produced a great, campy action/thriller, sci-fi/exploitation film that surprised me.
The film reminds me of those sci-fi/horror flicks of the 80’s and early 90’s. This film has it all; an experimental drug that threatens all humanity, mad scientists, killer clowns and so much more. Danny Green’s (played by Carl Hamill) father is missing. It just so happens that his father is a scientist and Danny is determined to find him so he goes undercover as a security guard at the lab where his father worked.
Once inside he discovers that the lab is manufacturing a street drug called “Haze” and that is when all hell breaks loose. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but I’m sure you have an idea of what happens next.
While the special effects leave a lot to be desired the movie really shines in its camp factor. I found myself laughing a lot throughout the film. The whole vibe of the film reminded me of “The Toxic Avenger” or “Class Of Nuke Em High.” This film was made for a very specific audience. If you are looking for Star Wars level effects then this is not for you. However, if you love low budget, campy horror films then this could be right up your alley.


Movie Information

Director : Marc Hamill ,
Written By : Carl Hamill.
Stars : Carl Hamill. Heather Percival. M.J. Simpson 
Genres: Action And Thriller.
Language: English
Release Year :  10 August 2016
Running time : 1h 27 min
Country : Usa
Cast : M.J. Simpson, Carl Hamill, Carl Hamill, Chris Postlethwaite, Tom Robinson, Shane Buckley, David Hardware, Ron Hamill ,,

Budget: $1,000,000



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