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New Tamil Movie, Joker (2016)

Published on: 28:06:2016

story of Some :

The it is very sweet new drama movie Joker story of a very common man. Very often, people who are asking questions about system is considered as Joker. The story is narrated through a mid 30’s man.

Movie Information

Director : Raju Murugan.
Written By : Raju Murugan
Genres: Comedy And Drama.
Language: Tamil
Release Year : 1 July 2016
Running time : 2 : 57 min
Music Director :Sean Roldan.,
Country : India
Cast :Guru Somasundharam,Ramya Pandiyan,Gayathri,Ramasamy,Bava Chelladurai,Bala Murugan,,
Budget: $800,000

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