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HD New Hollywood Full Movie ‘Secret in Their Eyes’

Published on :11:19:2015

story of Some :
With its undertow of melancholy and obsession, the 2009 Argentine drama El Secreto de Sus Ojos put a haunting spin on the policier, at the same time evoking a dark chapter in the country’s history. Juan Jose Campanella’s compelling, if overpraised, Oscar winner receives a smart Hollywood update from writer-director Billy Ray, who strips away the earlier film’s literary romanticism to fashion a harder-edged thriller.

Like the original, Secret in Their Eyes occupies the fraught territory between crime and punishment, political exigencies and justice. It can be both as gripping and as lacking in nuance as its predecessor, and though it often feels more like a highly polished TV procedural than a transporting cinematic experience, it’s a solid genre outing with unsettling topical resonance. The starry cast and provocative twists should give the movie theatrical staying power. As the second release from STX Entertainment, after The Gift, it’s a sound example of the medium-budget productions led by name actors that are the fledgling studio’s mandate — and, if nothing else, a refreshing departure from the year-end deluge of self-conscious “prestige” pictures.

Ray (Shattered Glass, Captain Phillips) makes a couple of crucial alterations to the source material that are likely to deepen its impact for U.S. viewers — or at least push complicating emotional buttons. The young woman whose murder sets the story in motion isn’t a random victim but the daughter of DA investigator Jess Cobb (an aggressively de-glammed Julia Roberts, delivering one of her strongest performances in years). Jess is part of the law enforcement triangle at the core of the movie — a trio defined by career rather than love, although romantic longing plays into it too. |

Synopsis :

Production companies: STX Entertainment and IM Global present in association with Route One/Union Investment Partners a Gran Via/SITE Prods./Willies Movies A.I.E. production in association with Ingenious Media
Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Dean Norris, Michael Kelly, Alfred Molina, Joe Cole, Zoe Graham, Lyndon Smith, Ross Partridge
Director: Billy Ray
Screenwriter: Billy Ray
Based on the film El Secreto de Sus Ojos written by Juan Jose Campanella, Eduardo Sacheri
Producers: Mark Johnson, Matt Jackson
Executive producers: Stuart Ford, Deborah Zipser, Russell Levine, Lee Jea Woo, Robert Simonds, Matt Berenson, Jeremiah Samuels, Juan Jose Campanella
Director of photography: Daniel Moder
Production designer: Nelson Coates
Costume designer: Shay Cunliffe
Editor: Jim Page
Composer: Emilio Kauderer
Casting: Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas

Rated PG-13, 111 minutes

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