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The New HD hollywood Action Movie ‘Hardcore’ (2015)

Published on Sep 14,2015

story of Some :

Billed as the first-ever action movie filmed entirely from the hero’s first-person viewpoint, Hardcore blasts along like a supercharged computer-game shoot-em-up, bursting with sick humor and splatterpunk violence. World premiered to a rowdy, rapturous reception in the pulp-friendly Midnight Movie section at Toronto, this English-language US-Russian co-production is a sense-battering rollercoaster ride with clear crowd-pleasing appeal for genre-loving fanboys, but it also feels witty and original enough for mainstream crossover. Online buzz is already healthy, and should translate into solid commercial prospects on both big and small screen.

Movie Synopsis :

Director, screenwriter: Ilya Naishuller
Cinematographers: Seva Kaptur, Feodor Lyass, Pavel Kapinos
Editors: Steve Mirkovich, Vlad Kaptur
Production Designer: Margarita Ablaeva
Music: Dasha Charusha
Sales company: William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Language : English
Running Time :1:40:15
Release Year : Sep 13,2015
Genres : Action And Drama
Country : Usa
Cast: Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennet, Andrey Dementiev, Tim Roth, Dasha Charusha.

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