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Usa Super Hit Movie, Guns and Grams (2016)

Published on: 06 August 2016

story of Some :

Guns and Grams, centers on a father and son, Shorty and Larry Dorsey, who are both involved in the Baltimore heroin trade. After Shorty is gunned down by his Sicilian bosses for attempting to secure new product from Miami distributors, Larry takes over the operation and draws the wrath of the same mobsters, inevitably culminating in a showdown between new and old school gangsters.

Movie Information

Director by : Larry Derr,
Written by : Larry Derr.
Stars by : J.D. Williams, Felicia Pearson, Clifton Powell,,
Genres: Action and Crime and Drama.
Language: English
Release Year : 08 August 2016
Running time : 1h 45 minutes
Country : Usa
Cast :Felicia Pearson, J.D. Williams, Clifton Powell, Omar Gooding, Joseph D’Onofrio, Hassan Johnson, Tray Chaney, Kelli R. Brown, Akiba Robinson.

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