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Winston Chao about ‘Kabali’, Rajinikanth and Punch Dialogues

Published on: 15:05:2016

story of Some :
As we had reported earlier, Taiwanese actor Winston Chao has been stationed in Chennai for the dubbing work of Superstar Rajinikanth’s gangster flick ‘Kabali’. Chao is the lead villain in this film.

In an interview to an English daily Chao has said he knows Indian languages Hindi but did not get the opportunity to learnt and finds it difficult to dub for the film. He said he like many other foreigners he was also under the impression that only Hindi films are Indian films and got to know that Tamil and Telugu film industries are equally bigger Indian film industries.

Asked reveal any interesting dialogue with Rajinikanth in the film he said in a particular scene, he would ask Rajinikanth to go home for one last time, spend time with family for one last time and come back and what Superstar tells in reply for this will evoke tremendous applause, whistles and bring the roof down.

About the evergreen Superstar, Chao said Rajinikanth is a sweet person and as an actor, he learnt a lot from him.

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